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Custom Challenge Coin Colors

Custom challenge coin colors provide a spectrum of possibilities to match your vision. You have three primary choices: a classic no-color finish, a vibrant color on one side, or a dynamic color on both sides, allowing you to decide the level of visual impact you desire for your coin.

No Color

Color One Side

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Custom Challenge Coin Sizes

Custom challenge coin sizing allows for a tailored fit to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring the coin perfectly captures the intended message and sentiment. By selecting the ideal size, one can strike a balance between prominence and portability, making the coin both impactful and convenient to carry.

Custom Challenge Coin Plating

Custom challenge coin plating offers a unique and distinguished finish, elevating the coin’s aesthetic appeal and value. By choosing the right plating, you can enhance the coin’s design, making it a cherished keepsake for years to come.

Custom Challenge Coin Edges

Custom challenge coin edging provides an intricate and detailed finish to the coin’s perimeter, adding depth and character to its overall design. This meticulous touch not only enhances the coin’s aesthetic but also emphasizes its significance and craftsmanship.

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